The Only Renewable Furniture in America

It makes your sofa last longer, look better, and play nicer with the earth.

How Renewability Works

Your furniture gets used hard. It looks great when new, but the minute anything goes wrong, it’s over. You just have to live with it.

That’s Changed

Now when the dog attacks the furniture, or you have a party on the sectional, every individual fabric section, foam, or wood part can be replaced or taken off and cleaned. Add in our washable fabric options and you’ve got the ultimate recovery plan!

Being able to keep the furniture beautiful, comfortable, and new is the best eco-friendly solution. The most important element in conservation is to make items last longer. Energy and raw material resources are safeguarded and the item is kept out of the landfill.

See How This Sofa Fights Back!

A Video Button with a close up image of dog chewing through a couch cushion next to a tipped over mug of coffee

Accidents Happen

Dog Standing on a couch while chewing on the seat cushion next to a tipped over mug of coffee

Renew Affected Parts

New Couch Cushions and Gray Fabric
A woman sitting on a modern gray couch with her two young daughters
After my two boxer puppies ate the arms and base of my old sectional, got their muddy paws all over the seats, and finally... an accident right smack dab in the middle. It was time to find a miracle sectional. I don’t know how I stumbled on Home Reserve, but I’m certinaly glad I did! - Lori
Customer Comment #1387
The America Flag
Made in the USA

At our factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

A logo featuring a green earth representing renewable furniture

For both the furniture and the earth.

A logo reading '10 Year Warranty'
10 Year Warranty

Amazingly strong & tested by Purdue.

A modern gray chair
Comfort Deck Seating

8" think cushions and Flex-web suspension.

A Small Mutt Dog
Pet-Safe and Washable

Stains, liquids, dirt, and shedding solutions.

A logo reading Storage Space
Built-In Storage

Under every seat cushion. You’ll love it.

A woman removing the fabric Cover on the back cushion to a couch
Changeable Fabrics

Not slipcovers, these are exact originals.

An icon showing the arm being pulled away from the main seat of a sectional unit to demonstrate changeable furniture styles
Change Styles

Feel like changing the way it looks?

A Brown Cardboard shipping box about 30 inces tall
10 Day UPS Delivery

No special arrangements or "oversize."

An illustration of a gray staircase
Boxes Fit Stairs

You can get furniture into that room!

The Smartest, Most Versatile Sectional You’ll Ever Own!

Instantly transform your room into the family center and be ready for anything! That’s a Home Reserve perfect fit.

  • Customize layout for your space.
  • Choose the color that’s just right.
  • Add or subtract units later on.
  • Convert to freestanding items.
  • Change the fabrics.
  • Built-in storage.
  • Respond to any maintenance problem with exclusive renewability.

Your new sectional will make the room look great and make you feel versatile. Congratulation on your shopping skill. You’ve discovered sectional sofas at Home Reserve.

Perfect for small spaces and scaled to fit smaller areas.
Boxes fit through narrow doors & hallways.

Risk Free Trial

One simple package & no pressure

Order a sectional armless unit in any fabric and try out the only renewable furniture in America.

If you like it, you can order the rest of the units to complete your sectional.

If you don’t like it send it back and we’ll promptly refund everything, including shipping. You end up paying zero and you won’t be asked to explain anything.

Since it’s just one UPS package to manage, it’s an easy way to see the furniture for yourself and discover how it can add to, serve and simplify your family life.


A woman standing next to a brown Cardboard shipping box about 30 inces tall.
A woman standing next to a brown Cardboard shipping box about 30 inces tall.
One Risk Free Trail Sectional unit in brown leather
A Completed Sectional layout in brown leather
An illustration of a risk free trail sectional unit from the side to show dimensions 35 x 33 x 14
A woman standing next to a brown Cardboard shipping box about 30 inces tall.
One Risk Free Trail Sectional unit in brown leather
A Completed Sectional layout in brown leather
An illustration of a risk free trail sectional unit from the side to show dimensions 35 x 33 x 14
I just completed my purchase of a Brook sectional. I started with the No-risk Sectional Trial Unit in the Altima pet fabric. My husband was very impressed with the ease of assembly...everything was perfect. -Mary
Customer Comment #1151

Four Generations In the Making

Blaine Wieland started Home Reserve with his father Roy in 2000 after years of multi-generational experience in the furniture industry. For more on this story, see the article:

Our Ready-to-Assemble Sectionals take 10 years to build.
3,649 days for us, and 1 for you

Timeline for the only renewable furniture in America.

Inventing a brand new furniture category and bringing modern design to people who like functional furniture.

  1. 2000

    Partners Found Home Reserve

    Blaine and partners sell their original company which had designed seating products for public lobbies in healthcare and educational markets. They dedicate themselves entirely to Home Reserve; creating the country's only easy to ship, renewable sofas online. Their designs had previously been seen on TV shows in background sets on "Touched by an Angel" and "ER."

  2. Cardboard shipping boxes featuring a home reserve logo lined up on a conveyer belt
  3. A video button showing a man vacuum packing a stack of Foam Seat cushions for a sectional
  4. 2001

    First Patent on Vacuum Packing

    How do you fit a stack of foam cushions more than 50" high into one easy-to-manage box that can be shipped UPS? Just like this. Watch our patented Vac Pack process, integral to the company’s launch.

  5. 2002

    We Pass Product Testing Developed by Purdue University

    The program was developed for the Army and tests furniture for military bases by running it through a specified series of examinations. These laboratory trials require the frames be put through the equivalent of twenty years of use in three days... Home Reserve comes out a winner!

  6. Purdue University Logo
  7. 2006

    Expand Product Lines

    We introduce the beautiful “Laney Style” along with a new sectional category. Designs rocket to the top of the charts and we establish a patent on the sectional corner unit.

    A woman reading on a sofa with an ottoman in a navy fabric
  8. 2008

    Home Reserve wins an Inc5000 Award as one of the fastest growing private businesses in America.

    Inc. 5000 logo
  9. 2012 - present

    Extending Sustainability & Renewability

    These twin considerations dominate the development of Home Reserve. Finding ways to make furniture easier to care for and finding ways to manage sustainability seem to always work together! It’s a wonderful thing.

    A logo featuring a green earth representing renewable furnitureLearn more
  10. 2010

    Celebrating 10 Years Online

    A camera man in a studio filming a young woman sitting on a sofa and talking

    Thanks to everyone who sent in comments over the years, your words mean more than you can ever know! It was also the year our Ray and Jovie lines made their debut.

  11. Five Home Reserve Patents

    Patents awarded for Engineering advancements:

    Patent No:

    July 31, 2001

    Patent No:

    May 27, 2003

    Patent No:

    Jan 3, 2006

    Patent No:

    May 16, 2006

    Patent No

    April 28, 2009
  12. An icon reading Patented, All rights reserved
My husband and I have owned the Home Reserve loveseat and sofa for over 6 years now and they are still beautiful, comfortable and sturdy! We have even moved with them multiple times and they break down and reassemble easily without damaging anything. I recently replaced the fabric on both couches when I redesigned my living room. The new fabric was delivered quickly and putting it on was fast and easy. Within minutes I had a whole new look! - Military Family- Hadassah, #1363

Who Uses Home Reserve?

A beige dog laying on beige couch to demonstrate pet-friendly fabrics

This is the BEST thing I ever did. At the time I got the sofa I had three crazy dogs that insisted on LICKING the sofa all the time and they were always full of mud also. It was totally disgusting. Before getting my sofa from Home Reserve I used to throw sheets over the old sofa so keep it from getting dirty and smelly from the dogs. I was very hapIpy when saw that you had covers that were WASHABLE!!!! Dog owner’s dream sofa! I wash the cushion and pillow and armrest covers at least once a month. They still look brand new.
- Chris #964

A woman sitting on a modern gray couch with her two young daughters

Looking for a sectional that fit into our unique space has been a challenge until we found Home Reserve! We ordered the [Sectional Armless] trial unit first… My wife is very comfort sensitive. The true test was when [she] sat down on it and her eyes lit up, she couldn’t believe that this was more comfortable than our current two year old sofa! That was all I needed. I ordered the rest of the sectional today and look forward to getting it as quickly as possible. Not only was it very comfortable, but the ability to customize the setup to our living space is such a huge bonus as well!
- Craig #967

A woman with a 2 kids and a dog sitting on a beige washable couch

Just finished assembling the 5 piece Laney sectional for an area in our basement where our granddaughters can play video games and watch TV with their friends. It looks great and they love it. The modular design was perfect since regular sofas won’t fit down the stairs. It is really comfortable and I wish I had known about it before I purchased the much more expensive and very uncomfortable sofa (purchased on line) in our upstairs family room. This is a great company which provides prompt replies to questions and ships quickly. One of the best thing about them is they manufacture their product in the USA. IKEA had better watch out!
- Sharon #963

A woman holding a baby sitting next to a man on an affordable sectional

I was searching for hours for affordable furniture to put in our new home (finally, out of the in-laws house and getting our own place). My husband and I were on such a tight budget, so I was very desparate after seeing how expensive everything was. I happened to see this as a link from epinion and ,thank god, I checked it out. What great prices! I bought 2 loveseats...They look fantastic. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to change the covers just to show them off. I’m very satisfied. Customer service is awesome. I plan to buy a set of sofa and loveseat for my in-laws as a gift as soon as I’ve saved enough money. Thanks again for making life a little more affordable for those of us who are struggling.
- Monica #925

A woman lying on a red sofa, and the same woman standing next to the sofa packed away into 2 UPS sized shipping boxes

Due to a recent promotion, I had to relocate out of state. My [new] apartment is in an old renovated Victorian. The only drawback is that the living room is kinda small, My current couch would not work...I found your website and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was no way that the sharp looking pieces on your website were as inexpensive and easy to assemble as you advertise. I purchased a Chicago Linen Loveseat in the Avenue style...I have always wanted white furniture. So, my loveseat arrived today, and all I can say is, Bravo! HR, you have done an amazing job in producing a quality piece of furniture at a very affordable price. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it looks, how comfortable it is, and how easy it was to assemble. If I could wear HR branded apparel, I would just to help advertise your company.
- Charles #753

A woman in an urban loft placing the back cushions on a modern sectional

I’m a realtor and designer currently renovating an urban loft for my wife and I. I found Home Reserve and purchased a Ray Sectional with lots of units to fill the big open space… the modern look (we chose the Ray Style) is just right for this space, and it was the perfect fit on our renovation budget. People often ask me where I got it!
- Troy

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A husband and wife with 2 sons sitting on a large sectional for basements, A brown Couch, A light brown sectional, A burgundy sectional, An ivory Couch