Furniture For Small Spaces

Apartment Size Furniture

Sofas for small spaces

Home Reserve works well for those of us needing to work with small spaces, small rooms, hallways, stairs and elevators.

The scale of the furniture suits these applications, and the ready-to-assemble shipping method makes it easy to get the packages through tight quarters and into position.

Once you placed the boxes for your sofa in a room, you can then assemble the item into it's full size finished arrangement. This opens up many design options for areas where space is limited, including using sectional sofas.

You get to select from our complete ranges of fabric choices and colors, including beautiful chenilles and pet-proof, washable microfibers. When you add those design options to our renewability, built-in storage and warranty, if provides a full range of possibilities for your small spaces.

It can be frustrating to find a way to make a small area feel comfortable and complete. But that is no longer the case. Home Reserve can do it stylishly and affordable.

If you ever have to move to a different house or apartment, you can reverse the process of assembly in order to move the furniture to a new location.