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August 8, 2018
Lauren B - Fort Wayne, Indiana
-- Comment #2508

My husband and I recently purchased the Tux Couch in Kayla Leaf (pictured corner-to-corner with our other sofa in the living room). Overall, the assembly was quite simple. We would recommend having two people work on it even if only for the purpose of being there to hold things steady while other pieces are attached. Pros: firm cushions made of a sturdy foam, good fabric quality, upholstery doesn't attract pet hair from our cats, couch leaves a sweet scent from the wood frame hanging around for about a week (kind of like the "new house" smell), good price, local pick-up option was available to us, friendly customer service. Two cons: 1) One of the seat cushions had a rip at the seam when it arrived, so I stitched it up with my sewing machine before assembly. This was no more than a five-minute fix for me, but for someone not equipped with the tools or skills, this could be quite a nuisance that would delay your assembly. 2) For our tastes, the Tux couch back cushions are a little too thick/full. We wish they were a little thinner (but still firm) to allow the seat cushions a few more inches of depth. Neither of us are particularly tall, and it if we curl our legs under while sitting on the couch, a little more depth of seat would be a more comfortable fit. This could probably be remedied by choosing a different style of couch, perhaps the Ray or Brook. All of this said, we are pleased with our purchase and would happily buy a Home Reserve product again.

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38509704 10213860378601440 1106760570498973696 n
August 8, 2018
Tracey - Prospect Harbor, ME
-- Comment #2507

We have been building a tiny cottage for a few years. We purchased a few pieces from Home Reserve and really like them, so bought a couple more. While playing with the layout, we found that using corners as ends worked very well for our itty bitty living room, but everyone was fighting over the corners !! They are SO fantastically comfortable. Only problem, is they aren't designed to be ends. So, my request is PLEASE make some end panels and cushion covers to cover the corners (please, please please) ?? If you can do that, then we will be truly limitless in design options !

20180704 122342
20180704 122342

We do have a corner end panel. Just call customer service to order.

Posted on August 8, 2018 by Home Reserve
August 1, 2018
-- Comment #2506

The couch has finally been assembled I am happy with the result - it looks nice, as you can see in the photo below, and is very comfortable.

Dark gray sec with cat
Dark gray sec with cat
July 27, 2018
Colleen Goddard
-- Comment #2505

Absolutely love my home reserve furniture! This used to be a yellow Laney sofa and chair.. We converted it into a Brook sectional with Ali arms in retriever gray fabric and added an ottoman to make it a chaise and the corner ottoman in the Joliet fabric is the perfect compliment. Spectacular!!!

Gray sectional with joliet ottoman
Gray sectional with joliet ottoman
July 27, 2018
Brendt Blanks
-- Comment #2504

I wanted to create a space in our kitchen that would be comfy and cozy for our friends and family to sit and stay awhile. This vision came to life when I received my two Laney chairs + standard ottoman from Home Reserve! The chairs are so comfortable and the ottoman is the perfect spot for extra seating or propping your feet on. Plus, it doubles as extra storage for us. We couldn't be happier with this furniture from Home Reserve and how it helped truly transform our space. We give it a big two thumbs up!!

July 25, 2018
Nell - NJ
-- Comment #2503

I am so happy with my Tux sectional. It is very comfortable and it looks great--all for a very reasonable price. I really like the depth of it too. A pet peeve of mine is that many couches now are very deep, so I am forced to prop extra pillows behind my back so my feet can touch the floor. (I am 5' 7".)

I put the sectional together myself over a couple of evenings. You do not need to be handy to assemble this! The instructions are very clear, the pieces are numbered, and the process is easy. Also, you will probably get much faster as you move along. (If you're doing a sectional, make sure you have a power screwdriver.) Definitely the hardest part was tugging the covers over some of the pieces.

I found Home Reserve when I realized that most sectionals at furniture stores were a bit too long for one of my walls. I'm grateful for that too-short wall, because I think a modular, customizable sectional like this is a much better option than the ones I'd been looking at. I think the whole set-up of this company is great. I would normally never feel comfortable ordering a couch online but being able to order an armless piece to test made me feel confident. Customer service was also really helpful.

After several weeks, I do have a few complaints, but they are minor. The fabric I chose (Bulldozer Graphite) wrinkles when anyone sits on it, although it is easily smoothed out. I also wish the seat cushions were a little wider. They move around and you can see a gap between them (which gets bigger when you sit on one). Also the arms do not have padding all around, so they are hard on the inner edge. I sit on my couch all the time with my laptop, and my elbow is always bumping into that hard part of the inner arm. It would be nice to have a little padding there. But these are small issues and do not change my high recommendation for this sectional and this company.

Img 4403 1
Img 4403 1
July 24, 2018
Heidi Blanchard - Chico, Ca
-- Comment #2502

Just talked with Joe on the phone. I really appreciate the customer service of Home Reserve! They are so helpful and considerate.

July 23, 2018
Steve - Hollywood, CA
-- Comment #2501

We were looking to replace our pair of space-sucking 12yr-old, leather and suede respectively, sectional sofas (which we donated to a son in college) with something sustainable, maintainable, and matching with our modern style. After a due-ly diligent search and comparison, we chose Home Reserve and ordered 11-pieces of the Ray Sectionals in both the Pet Care (Fabric Group 6) Maltese Denim and Maltese Silver Grey fabrics. Here is our review in these areas:

(A+) CUSTOMER SERVICE - We received delivery of 12 boxes approximately 2 days early from estimates. Among the over 140 pieces, 8 were incorrect; really the pieces for 2 arms were for a different style of sofa. After contacting Home Reserve, we received the correct size pieces within 5 days. No Charge.

(B+) ASSEMBLY - Average time for completing each piece including sanding, screwing, and covering was 90 mins. Each piece thoughfully included a pair of gloves and sanding sponge which you will definitely need. If I had it to do over, I would have sanded in the yard before bringing to the living room to assemble. The first piece probably took me 180 mins and the last piece 60 min; learning curve is real but manageable.

(A) STYLE - We were afraid that the pieces would be too big, but were instead pleasantly surprised to find them smaller (10%?) than we expected, and therefore look amazing in our space. We've already re-configured for a party and back. Lots of ooo's and aaa's from friends and family for the their appearance, flexibility and storage.

(A-) COMFORT - Since the designs don't involve springs, the foams were a little more firm than I'm used too. The wife loves firm so she was happy right away. I grew to love and appreciate them after about a week of manspreading and napping on them. Our 2 sharpei's love them too.

(A) FABRIC - They look absolutely amazing. They feel good, not great, to me. But they are precisely as advertised after surviving several messes - wine, ice cream and mud - and still looking like new. This is the holy-grail of maintainability we quested for! FTW!

Would I recommend? Yes, I could not recommend enough. In fact, we look forward to doing lots more business with these guys in the future e.g. rental units. Cheers! Steve

Img 20180625 111552 816
Img 20180625 111552 816
July 27, 2018
-- Comment #2500

Well, I will just say again how much I appreciate the customer service. I had an experience at Ikea where they sold me something flat-out wrong--the box said one color, the object was another--but they insisted I had to drive back to the store, which is not close, if I wanted a refund or exchange. I kept thinking, Really Ikea? Aren't you a giant multinational, but you can't make this easy for me? LOL. Contrast this to how easy you made it for me on my issue, which was much grayer. I wish more companies understood the value of goodwill. Sigh. UPS has come, so I guess we're all done now. Again, thank you.

July 12, 2018
Georgia - Florida
-- Comment #2499

I ordered the Laney couch in Oscar Sterling for our Florida living room. It arrived in only 15 days and was very easy to assemble. The color was perfect and just what we needed. I would suggested ordering samples of the fabric you might like because computer screens don't always show the true colors. Quality was more than we expected too. Customer service is outstanding! I definitely recommend Home Reserve !

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