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Jovie Sectional

In Pulse Cocoa

Jovie Sectional

In Pulse Cocoa

Pulse Cocoa
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Pulse has a bright, rich color tone and an inviting, buttery-soft texture. The weight of the fabric suits our furniture particularly well. It just looks good. We always use one of these durable Pulse chenille fabrics on the furniture here in our factory showroom. Clean with soap and water. Not machine washable. 55% Olefin, 45% Polyester.

Layout 2
Layout 2 with Attached Modular Ottomans
Layout 3
Layout 3 with Cozy Ottoman
Layout 4 large
Layout 4
Layout 4b large
Layout 4 with Ottoman
Layout 6 large
Layout 6
Layout 6b large
Layout 6 with Ottoman
Layout 8 large
Layout 8
Layout 8b large
Layout 8 with Ottoman
Layout 10 large
Layout 10
Layout 10b large
Layout 10 with Ottoman
Layout 12 large
Layout 12
Layout 12b large
Layout 12 with Ottoman
Layout 14 large
Layout 14
Layout 14b large
Layout 14 with Ottoman
Layout 16b large
Layout 16 with Ottoman
Layout 16 large
Layout 16
Layout 18 large
Layout 18
Layout 18b large
Layout 18 with Ottoman
Layout 20 large
Layout 20
Layout 20b large
Layout 20 with Ottoman
Layout 22 large
Layout 22
Layout 23 large
Layout 23
Layout 24 large
Layout 24
Layout 25 large
Layout 25
Layout 26 large
Layout 26
Layout 27 large
Layout 27
Layout 28 large
Layout 28
Layout 29 large
Layout 29
Layout 30
Layout 30
Layout 31 large
Layout 31

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  • The relaxed look of the cushions, and wide arm make Jovie an elegantly casual yet modern choice.
  • Pulse has a bright, rich color tone and an inviting, buttery-soft texture.
  • This sectional is insured with renewable parts and designed to adapt through changeable features.
  • Arriving at your door soon in moveable, manageable boxes.

Customer Reviews

July 12, 2018
-- Comment #2500

Well, I will just say again how much I appreciate the customer service. I had an experience at Ikea where they sold me something flat-out wrong--the box said one color, the object was another--but they insisted I had to drive back to the store, which is not close, if I wanted a refund or exchange. I kept thinking, Really Ikea? Aren't you a giant multinational, but you can't make this easy for me? LOL. Contrast this to how easy you made it for me on my issue, which was much grayer. I wish more companies understood the value of goodwill. Sigh. UPS has come, so I guess we're all done now. Again, thank you.

July 12, 2018
Georgia - Florida
-- Comment #2499

I ordered the Laney couch in Oscar Sterling for our Florida living room. It arrived in only 15 days and was very easy to assemble. The color was perfect and just what we needed. I would suggested ordering samples of the fabric you might like because computer screens don't always show the true colors. Quality was more than we expected too. Customer service is outstanding! I definitely recommend Home Reserve !

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