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July 26, 2017
Brett - PA
-- Comment #2381

Ray sectional with brook's cushions. Couch is very comfortable. Customer service is amazing, will buy again.

July 25, 2017
Lidia LoPinto - Baldwin, NY
-- Comment #2380

After Sandy we lost all of our new furniture and next time we wanted something quick. We got a sectional in light blue and a sofa chair set in navy. Very durable fabric, with the dog, the kids. The light blue is tough. We were able to modify the sofa from loveseat/sofa to sectional and we even changed colors on one set. It was great we could modify it as we went along. The storage is fantastic. We raised the house and we may even consider putting this in the floodable area, at these prices it is easy to replace or dry out pieces and replace what is too wet to salvage.

July 21, 2017
Christine Leahy - Limestone, Me
-- Comment #2379

I change out my livingroom set about every 3 years. The only choices I had were what the furniture store had. Well it's been 3 years and it was time for new. I was lucky and somehow stumbled onto this site and it is the perfect fit for me!!! I designed my own living room set! Who knew?!?!
I was saying to myself throughout the assembly process "Are you kidding me? It can't be this easy?!?!" It was like doing a giant puzzle made for children. It was absolutely fool proof! I am a 55 yo woman and this was actually fun and very easy to put together by myself. The outcome is just beautiful! Best purchase I've ever made! Now if I feel I need a change I can very easily do so. I am beyond thrilled! I know what I put together is put together better than anything I'd buy at a store. Home Reserve you rule!

Img 6455
Img 6455
July 14, 2017
Lisa Todnem - NACHES, WAWA
-- Comment #2378

I just got our Laney chair put together, with the ottoman and it looks great!! Your Customer Service is stellar. Our order arrived WAY earlier than I expected it to. The directions are easy to read...although the kids did have to help me out at one point because I had done something backwards...or upside down...I still don't know. Lol! You all even included gloves to protect my hands from any possible splinters. Thank you! It is now MY favorite chair in my favorite nook

July 11, 2017
Miguel S. - Roanoke Rapids, Nc
-- Comment #2377

I have looked all over the internet for a good sofa, but all had bad reviews. I wanted an American made furniture. I was hesitant at first to try your product, I went to Home Reserve website several time, and finally decided to purchase a sofa, I love the storage compartments. Fun to put together,and the fact that I can choose another color fabric later on is a plus. 5 Star product.

Img 20170711 001817 hdr
Img 20170711 001817 hdr
July 10, 2017
Sabrina McClendon - Brooklyn, New York
-- Comment #2376

So our story is kind of funny. We had a couch that wouldn't fit through the door frame of our new place, and then it got stuck in the stairway trying to get it back out the building door. I was looking for something I was sure would fit into the doorway which is when I discovered home reserve. It came in two boxes with easy to follow instructions. We spent 4 hrs putting it together but it was worth it. It is a bit shallow if you are a larger person who likes room to role around on a couch. Otherwise it is super comfortable and does have storage room underneath. We went with the Laney but they do have many other models. It's great for NYC where everything is a game of tetris when it comes to organizing and making your home stylish, plus you'd like to get it out of your apartment one day with out worry.

I want to post all the pictures we took, but I'm only allowed one. So I think this is best to say it is a sturdy couch, but yes assembly is required and instructions are easy. Everything is even numbered for you.

Img 0350
Img 0350
July 10, 2017
Kathleen D Adams - Emery, SD
-- Comment #2375

We just picked up our new Tux couch today! Got it back to our RV, as we are full time RVers...took us about two hours to put it together. We are really impressed...great instructions, all parts well marked, extremely well made and easy to do. Fits perfectly into the back of our fifth wheel...I absolutely LOVE it! Even the under seat storage is excellent! Thanks Home Reserve for a great and well priced product!!

Img 20170707 145931067
Img 20170707 145931067
July 10, 2017
Nancy Dunavan - Kansas City, MO
-- Comment #2374

I wanted to redecorate our living room - going from a really traditional Craftsman style to something more modern. I had two goals in mind - comfort and ease of care - we have two dogs and and a few cats so those two goals were pretty big. I must have researched about 50 different seating options - from sectionals to mid-century modern pieces - but nothing fit the space very well. Then I stumbled upon Home Reserve. What first attracted me was that I could replace the upholstery pieces - our cats have claws :). Then I started looking at all the options and I was blown away. I could actually build out the perfect sectional! Not only size wise but also style and upholstery options. And the storage! I went with the Ray Sectional in Carolina Bulldozer Blue. The color is a lot lighter in person than on my screen anyway but I love it. Took me about six hours total to put it together - four armless, one corner, one end, and an ottoman. I absolutely adore this couch. It's without a doubt the most comfortable couch we've ever had. I've already washed a few of the covers due to muddy paws and snacking accidents and everything came out beautifully! The Bulldozer fabric is beautiful and so soft - it's feels wonderful - almost like velvet without the special care. I've also ordered an additional armless, ottoman, and some throw pillows after building the original - that's the best part - reconfiguration! There is absolutely no downside to this furniture from my perspective. I'm planning on redoing my office space too and am looking at additional Home Reserve pieces. I highly recommend this furniture - it takes the worry out of everything as far as care, function, and comfort.

July 6, 2017
-- Comment #2373

Beyond expectations. The first night we put our trial chair together, I was skeptical. Sure, it felt comfortable and looked nice, but I couldn't imagine the whole sectional pieced together. With some help from our family, it took us about 3 hours to assemble all of the pieces, but the result is fantastic! It's chic, modern, but comfortable, and didn't break the bank!

Img 0416
Img 0416
July 5, 2017
Stephanie Meisel - Kernersville, NC
-- Comment #2372

We are thrilled with the Jovie modular sectional and it's versatility with different configurations . Thank you

Img 4524
Img 4524
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