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- Blaine (Cofounder)

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February 16, 2020
Robin Owen - Coldwater, OH
-- Comment #2616

We ordered a 13-seat sectional for our church basement about 8 years ago, as part of a flexible youth room remodel. I worked with three high schoolers and we put it all together in a day. The kids love it! They keep blankets and pillows in the under-seat storage to be extra-comfy during Sunday school, confirmation and youth group meetings. When we need the basement for other events like funeral meals or community suppers, the sectional can be stacked into a corner behind a room divider, or moved into another classroom space. I'm so impressed with the church basement mega-sectional that I'm planning to get one for my parsonage.

February 16, 2020
Teri Edwards - Beaufort, NC
-- Comment #2615

I had designed a sectional and ordered fabric samples through the Lovesac app but I couldn't make it work exactly the way I wanted it to. My husband suggested I look around the internet a little more and eventually, I found HomeReserve.
I read every review going back to 2008. I stared at every photo shared by customers (there's an awful lot of really big dogs out there!). I read the blog and stalked RV/Tiny House Instagram accounts looking for "sofas in the wild".
I tried to do the adult thing and ordered the 30 day trial chair on 1/16/2020 but realized that if I waited for the chair, it would be a MONTH before I had my couch! So, I ordered the rest on 1/17/2020.
On 1/28/2020, I emailed customer service to see if there was any chance of getting my couch by my birthday on 2/2/2020. And Steph and the Production Crew MADE IT HAPPEN!!! I have so much love and gratitude for you all!
It arrived on Friday, 1/31 and two of us had the whole set together by 8pm. We used an electric screwdriver, a hammer, pliers (to help pull the fabric), painters tape to cover the numbers under the fabric (one of the earlier reviews suggested duct tape) and the sanding blocks that were in the boxes. I would recommend using neoprene gardening gloves. My leather gloves were a little unwieldy for holding screws so I kept taking them off and I got a few splinters because of it.
The photo is just a few of the ways that I have rearranged the set over the weekend. I'm so excited that I can "create" the room depending on my mood.

February 16, 2020
Darla Kilroy - Salem, MA
-- Comment #2614

We moved into our townhouse three years earlier, and our livingroom leather couch just wasn't the right fit for the room. There is an awkward wall that makes the corner somewhat segregated from the rest of the room. I searched many local furniture stores, and just wasn't able to find what I wanted that would fit in this 90" width corner. I stumbled upon Home Reserve and was impressed, but still wasn't entirely comfortable, thought it might be too good to be true. First, I ordered a couple of fabric samples, just to be sure of the quality claimed and to confirm colors. When I received them, I was impressed with the presentation, and the quality of the fabrics, and later I had asked about how certain pet stains would affect the fabric, and Steph in Customer Service suggested using the fabric samples to test any potential fabric cleaner first -- such a simple solution and brilliant! It was exactly what I was looking for, and it was Pet safe fabric! So then I watched all the video's, read as many reviews, and then googled the company, checked on the Better Business Bureau website, did all my homework and everything came back great, and when there was an issue with a particular customer, it was resolved and everyone was happy, so then I decided to order an armless chair for the 30 day trial. What I found fantastic was there were so many different ways I could configure the corner, I was able to maximize seating and increase storage to boot! I ordered the armless chair on Christmas day, with the 30 day trial. So I was really excited for the armless chair to come, I had decided I don't want to wait I had decided on my final layout and ordered on January 1st, the Tux style with the Level II fabric in Retriever Bisque before the sample chair came. I figured I did my research, I can't find what I want in brick and mortar stores, and just went for it. I kept a countdown on how many days until my retired husband had until he could put it together. When I got home from work, the first armless chair came, it was put together, and he admitted it wasn't that bad to put together, I was relieved. I sat and felt very comfortable, liked the ease of storage, the fabric felt heavenly soft, and he had cut his finger and got a little blood on the cushion.
I simply used a damp cloth and it came off in 2 seconds, the fabric is great! Then he asked when is the next piece coming, and I said next week we get the 4 additional pieces and when those came, I helped assemble with the fabric portion and helped complete the units. I would say we had all entire unit completed including the first piece under 4 hours. It's perfect, it's comfortable, love the concept, love the company! Looking forward to a long relationship with Home Reserve

February 16, 2020
Becky Dudley - monroeville, Pennsylvania
-- Comment #2613

After months of trying to find a sectional to fit our "small" living room, a neighbor recommended Home Reserve. We spent weeks researching and ordering swatches to pick colors and fabrics. There are just so many options to choose from! We ordered the Laney sectional in Retriever Cranberry. I love that it fits in our living room so perfectly. We also added throw pillows in Maltese Avocado and Retriever Antler. We get tons of compliments on our sectional. We also have the corner ottoman and push it up to the center of the couch to make a lounger. My 3 year old sleeps on our sectional almost every night with our dog! And yes our kids and animals have gotten stuff on the couch, and it all just wipes right off. Thanks Home Reserve!

January 29, 2020
Ashley Pepka - Clayton, DE
-- Comment #2612

We love our new Home Reserve Sectional! Their customer service was great and shipping was sooner then promised. We went with the Archtype fabric, it’s easy to clean and pet hair comes right up with a quick vacuum. Overall we are very happy with our purchase.

January 29, 2020
Dawn Goll - Ringgold, Georgia
-- Comment #2611

We research sectional sofa's that would fit our family size seating for a combination of adults and kids. We first went to Ikea and priced out sectional sofa pieces to make up the seating needed. We previously owned a Ikea sofa and it did not have the same structure support that Home Reserve offers. In pricing out the IKEA sectional sofa it was more than $3000.00 and did not have the same value as Home Reserve sectional sofa. I then went to Home Reserve and built my sofa and price was considerable lower a seating for 8 . I ordered a large sectional sofa from Home Reserve. I received a call from Customer Service offering my to try a armless sample seat prior to building my large sectional sofa order. I agreed, and a sample was sent. I was surprised at the high quality of the sample sent to the sectional I placed. My husband and I were in a separate car accidents leaving us with multiple orthopedic injuries. Due to our injuries we could not physically put the piece together. The directions were easy to read and the pieces clearly marked. We receive great costumer service. We were refunded our purchase amount. We received a shipping label for the sample for UPS to pick up. Customer Service send us helpful information on how to repack. We plan to get our surgeries, physical therapy and come back to this company and purchase the sofa for our family room. I rarely live reviews this company was ethical, caring and professional. This is an American Company which made and superior sofa's and has fantastic customer services. I would recommend this company for sofa's. It was simple easy to order, shipping was no problem and the company has above standard directions and offers support.

January 28, 2020
Lois K
-- Comment #2610

Finally have my sectional! Our living room is long and narrow but this works beautifully

January 28, 2020
Jennifer - NJ
-- Comment #2609

I normally dont leave comments on things I buy but I felt like I had no other choice with this couch. It has surpassed my expectations in so many ways! The fabric fits perfectly on the frame so we dont have to constantly adjust it like we did with furniture covers. I was worried that the couch would move when people sit on it/the dogs jump on it. It doesnt even budge! I read some reviews saying that the pieces were tough to put together but I couldn't disagree more! Time consuming but well worth it! Everything is labeled so you know exactly where is goes. It couldn't have been easier! The frames, cushions, and covers are all sturdy; I know we will get years out of this couch. The customer service was fantastic. I had contacted them a couple times before and right after we bought the couch and they were so helpful everytime! I am over the moon happy with the purchase! I have done nothing but rave about it to everyone I know!

January 16, 2020
Audrea D. - Leo, IN
-- Comment #2608

Finally! Thanks to Home Reserve, we were able to fit a family sized sectional into our basement. It's brought our family closer together for movie nights!

January 9, 2020
-- Comment #2607

Honestly, you know what is the best thing about Home Reserve?

Their Customer Service. Steph went out of their way to help me customize my sectional, answered all of my questions and concerns, and was always available for help.

They made the whole process so easy, that I was satified before even receiving the sectional.

I broke one of the pices while putting together one of the chairs. I emailed Steph with a picture and they had a tracking number for me by the end of the business day. That is some great Customer Service.

So far, everything is great. I have no complaints with the product or the customer service that was provided.

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