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August 21, 2019
The Arnolds - Chesapeake, VA
-- Comment #2588

We're a military family. With Mastiffs. So in between moves, Muffin and Sasha (180+ lbs each) - well life is rough on our furniture. So we needed something from someone we could depend on. We wanted to support our nations economy - so made in the U.S.A. was VERY important to us. With Home Reserve we found a quality product, great people, and a company with a heart for their employees.
Did I mention it can HANDLE THE PERIL! Oh yes, this furniture is AMAZING!
Have doubts? Read the comments - call their office! ORDER THE SWATCHES - That alone made me a believer! I have reupholstered a lot of furniture in my day, and I have NEVER seen fabric like the Retriever fabric! Velveteen Kevlar is what is!! Mastiff nails (they think they are cats - they play like lions) are wickedly destructive to almost anything. But the Retriever fabric takes it all in stride. Mud? Mess? No problem! It wipes off! Too big a mess? Take the cover off and wash it! WAAALAH!
Is it difficult to build? Nope! They are considerate of your hands, too. They send the coolest gloves to wear so you dont have to worry about splinters, or chapped skin... a pair in EACH part of furniture! (I saved them and use them all the time.) The directions are excellently written, clear and concise. Its like putting together a puzzle but one that you can now enjoy!
Dont like your configuration? well just move the pieces about and make another! Change it as often as you want!
Have a husband whos rather frugal (My love!) and not really big on spending money on anything at all? Well start small and add pieces after he becomes a believer! Dont worry - it wont take long!
Wondering what to ask for for Christmas? Or anniversary? Or St Pattis Day? Ask for another piece or two to add to the mix. Or better yet get new covers in an entirely new color or fabric (Here is where military wives SWOON - as we always are moving and having to change decorating schemes - either color or shape - to fit the new place we live in. Try that every 2 to 3 years for a twenty year career!) New place too small? Dismantle and downsize and put a chair and ottoman in the bedroom!
I know....yes I can go on and on and on.
So in the beginning - I got the swatches - then the Chair and a Half and the Monster Ottoman. As you can tell from the pictures my gurls think we got the furniture for THEM. Then tonight - well I ordered a sectional - the 65 by 87. Gonna start slowly and add as we need. I like the anticipation!

August 16, 2019
Jason LeMonier - Alameda, CA
-- Comment #2587

This couch has grown twice over the years and changed color once.

We have had 8-9 little kids playing and sleeping on it at once.
NYE we managed to get 24 people on it when the ball dropped.

One ottoman cracked because it wasn't in place and kids were dancing on it.

Email support > couple days later it arrived. I asked for wrong piece once and they just send me what I needed even when it was my mistake.

So awesome to have on ongoing ability to design / change / re-use / re-design rooms even between homes.

I really love doing front somersaults onto the couch!

Thank You!

August 16, 2019
-- Comment #2586

I chose a Home Reserve Tux sectional in Sterling Gray for my vacation condo after much research. I love the style, the smoothness of the fabric and the firm cushions. I really like that all the covers can be removed for washing when needed and that I can buy new parts. This is going to be so useful for this vacation rental which gets a lot of use by families and pets. I couldn't be happier with my decision! (Attached photo by Danielle Holstein of Holstein Studios). More photos at

August 16, 2019
Cliff B - Eden Prairie, MN
-- Comment #2585

I've been looking at homereserve for years now and finally ordered for my small space. Loveseat and ottoman.

All of the comments are correct. Assembly is pretty easy (wear the gloves and try to find a drill bit that fits the screws absolutely perfectly) and outside of some alignment issues the first couple tries, even the fabric went on pretty smoothly.

Fit and comfort? I was honestly surprised. I didn't know I could enjoy a shallow seat, but here I am, doing just that. Firm, but I don't see me going to back to super squishy ever again now. I'm enjoying the support.

Fabric is exactly what I expected (Matador) and I've already tested the liquid resistance claims.

Overall, a solid recommendation.

August 16, 2019
TRACY L MCMENAMY - Parsonsburg, MD
-- Comment #2584

I was looking for couches I could easily clean and have limited space.... but NINE dogs plus I foster dogs and 2 grandchildren under 3, I needed something that could withstand the wear and tear. I've had my couches for about 6 months now and cannot express enough how easy this fabric is to clean. I can say without a doubt this is the best couch I have ever owned. My dogs can nest and have yet to put a hole in it, my grandkids have spilled their juice and it cleans right up (even when I dont get to it quickly), and my biggest struggle...the dog hair, easily comes up!

August 16, 2019
tanya tarantino - Brockton, MA
-- Comment #2583

We had a small strange room that we wanted a sectional for. We love the renewability and how it can be totally customized. This is such a great company, very responsive, super friendly. Only down side is the seat depth, we like to lay down on the couch at night. If it's for kids, for a very small space this is great option.

I cannot say enough about this company.

August 16, 2019
Donnamarie - New Jersey
-- Comment #2582

In the first year of purchase I had to reach out to Home Reserve because two cushions loosened/lost structure/sagged and we were sent two new cushions immediately. The next year two wooden frames cracked. I sent pictures to Home Reserve and was sent replacements immediately. Both of the previous were under warranty and free of cost. My daughter got sick on 3 of the cushions. I washed and line dried the covers and they came out like new. This company knows how to treat customers from the time you are creating your sofa and well after purchase. Yes we did have a few issues with the sofa but nothing that could not be fixed and Home Reserve did just that. I highly recommend the product and the company.

August 16, 2019
James Kisiday - Washington, DC
-- Comment #2581

I forget to post this one back to 2014... I still love it and time to replace some of fabrics

August 16, 2019
David Walker - Harriman, Tennessee
-- Comment #2580

We purchased the Ray sectional and due to my wife’s illness I did not get the opportunity to put the couch together immediately and maybe somewhere in the documentation it explains why that is necessary but not in the purchase process. I had waited to long and as a result some of the foam cushions failed to expand to the required size to fit in the upholstery correctly. Home Reserve answered my email concern on a Sunday and had new cushions in the mail on Monday. I am a full grown man with average arm strength and agility but I found the upholstery covers for the arms of the couch just snug enough that they refused to cover as easily and beautifully as seen in the instruction video. What I got looked a little ghetto and cheap. Home Reserve again answered my concern promptly by shipping out another set of upholstery coverings for the arms and everything now is excellent. I love how the couch sits and feels, just perfect. The color of the upholstery is exactly what my wife wanted to add to the decor of our home, and pet friendly. Our 5lb Yorkie loves the couch and it serves well as her playground. Home Reserve is exactly what a “Made in the USA” company should be like. I don’t think that there is another furniture manufacturer that does it better or more sustainable. I look forward to enjoying our couch purchase for a very long time.

August 16, 2019
Lindy - Baltimore, Maryland
-- Comment #2579

My girl and I were couching shopping for a few months and I remembered having heard about Home Reserve some years ago and *loved* the idea of them. We opted to take the dive and went ahead and bought a Jovie sectional.

Build was simple, and it looks awesome, but seating was... hard. Cushions were super firm and the plush backing was anything but that. We opted to give it a few months to let it break in to see if that changed anything. Four months later, we still have some cushions that are rock hard, while some have decided to be almost non-supportive at all. We've rotated the cushions and backings and it's still just, well, awkward to sit in anymore.

We are also debating replacing the backing with one of the other models -- home reserve assured us that we could do so over the phone. The reason for this, more than anything, is there isn't a lot of deck room to actually sit on, much less lay down and sleep. We are also cuddlers and this couch is, sadly, a no-cuddle zone, and we are tall, thin people, so that's saying something.

It looks awesome still, and the fabric hasn't been an issue with pets, spills, or anything else. Definitely take advantage of the trial period though, and make sure you use it before you make the choice.

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