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- Blaine (Cofounder)

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July 2, 2020
ESK Moon
-- Comment #2652

Due to financial reasons, I was not able to purchase a sectional as I planned. I returned the free trial chairs within the timeframe allowed. I worked with Steph in customer service and was so impressed with the speed, helpfulness, and personal service that I received from her as a representative of Home Reserve. Given this experience, I am interested in purchasing from Home Reserve in the future and have no hesitation in recommending Home Reserve to others.

July 2, 2020
Mia - AZ
-- Comment #2651

I had just about given up hope of finding a sectional that would fit and not dominate my entire 10’ x 10’ living room. After seeing Home Reserve on Facebook, I stalked and researched their website as well as, watched multiple YouTube reviews over the course of 4 months, before I ordered a dozen fabric swatches (which I put through multiple stain tests). I finally settled on a custom configuration of the armless LB loveseat, corner piece and a Lux chair and 1/2 in Retriever Bisque and I have to say I absolutely Love the way it looks and fits in my space. It’s amazingly comfortable and the storage! Be still my little OCD heart! It came several days before I expected it and I found putting it together by myself fairly easy (7-8 hours total). My only complaint is the VOC fumes which are quite overwhelming in my poorly ventilated room, however an air purifier helped knock that out in no time.
I highly recommend :)

July 2, 2020
Lona Booth - Lumberton, MS
-- Comment #2650

Just got our new couch. We went with the Lainy. I researched to find the most durable sofa for our living area. We have 4 dogs, two cats, and teenagers. One dog is a Great Dane, he is over 160lbs and furniture doesn’t seem to hold up to his weight. His nails also seem to tear into the fabric... so far this seems to be working well.

July 2, 2020
Susan Helmke - WOOD DALE, Illinois
-- Comment #2649

Assembly 4/5
-leaves a lot of splinters
- provided gloves had holes before assembly was completed
- Griffin style armrest cushions hard to figure out
-this is not a couch you should get if you are not comfortable with assembly instructions
+ the pieces have the number literally carved out, it's a clever way to take out any guesswork when assembling
OVERALL TIME TO COMPLETE: Griffin couch w/ one person: 7hrs

Comfort 4/5
relatively firm cushion and narrow base makes it great for sitting on but is in no way a couch that you can take a comfortable nap on
Retriever granite fabric has a velvety feel but looks like a brown with a grayish tint on the website but when actually received is much more gray that expected. (ORDER SAMPLES BEFORE PURCHASING)
Durability- 5/5 (No issues yet)
+I really love that there are guards on the bottom legs to help prevent damage to the floor
Ordering: 5/5
+I was impressed that it was at my Chicago doorstep about 18 hrs after being notified it had shipped
+Was delivered within the promised time frame (from ordered to delivery was 14 business days)

I WOULD RECOMMEND this couch but only to those with experience of assembling other furniture items- this should not be the first item you ever try to put together yourself.

July 2, 2020
Jaclyn E Rogers - Taylorsville, UT
-- Comment #2648

My husband and I got our first home set (sofa, loveseat, end tables, and coffee table) for a great deal from Ashley Furniture. When we got our two cats and started moving from CA to UT they scratched up the ends of the couch and it started to become lumpy. After about 5 years of having the other set, we wanted another. We live in a basement so we needed something that could fit downstairs and we wanted more seating for guest and for our growing family. Not sure how but I ran across this website and fell in love with the prices and the versility of the couch and once I saw it also had storage and the warranty was good I was sold on this couch. Not to add that the fabric is machine washable and pet friendly (I have four cats and two dogs so this was nice). Though shipping took a bit and waiting for the couch was hard, I am so glad we did. We love the look and building the couch ourself. Thank you Home Reserve for an amazing experience purchasing a couch, can't wait to grow with the couch.

July 2, 2020
Teri Edwards (@feritae) - BEAUFORT, North Carolina
-- Comment #2647

I am beyond thrilled with my new sectional from Home Reserve. It is everything I ever wanted in a couch and more. I ordered the armless chair free trial but eight hours later I went ahead and ordered the rest because I have no patience.
I want to thank Steph for trying her best to get me to do the free trial first and for talking to the production team (Y'ALL ROCK!!!) so that it arrived in time for my birthday,
I will admit, I was exceedingly nervous about making such a large purchase online, especially knowing that I would need to put it together. I read every review back to 2008. I stalked the company blog and social media for photos of Home Reserve's sectionals "in the wild".
I need not have worried. The fabric is beautiful. The couch is super comfortable. I spent my birthday weekend putting it together and playing with the possibilities. It is amazing! (Although I may be getting a little addicted to rearranging it.) Thank you for everything.

July 2, 2020
Faith Azzolina - VA
-- Comment #2646

We have a family room with many unusual angles: we have had the same furniture for over a decade and finally decided we were tired of living in what feels like a cramped space, stepping over the end of the chaise lounge and having a narrow passage through the kitchen and family room.
We found Home Reserve after realizing there was nothing in our area showrooms that wound fit.
Our family room/kitchen and informal dining area look so much larger now!
The upholstery fabric is lovely (Archetype Quartz).
The cushions and firm yet comfortable. I’m used to a deeper seat depth, however with the arrangement in our space, we will use the ottomans frequently.
I’m curious if the cushions will loosen up a bit as time goes on as they are pretty firm.
I love that I can add and change as I need, and ordered a second ottoman today.
Oh-I forgot their storage! I’m not sure we will ever use all that space, but we have placed almost our entire DVD collection inside the ottoman. Brilliant.

July 2, 2020
Romi Norton - WI
-- Comment #2645

I love this furniture! It holds up well to a dog, two cats and a family of four. It cleans up quickly and looks great after seven months. I can’t say the same about our previous over-priced furniture. Highly recommended.

July 2, 2020
Amber Silva - Chesapeake, Virginia
-- Comment #2644

We are newlyweds who just purchased our first home. We wanted a couch that would survive our future babies. We also were dying for a white couch, but thought it impossible, especially with our black cat. We stumbled upon Home Reserve and with the customization options and long menu of fabrics, we felt it was the perfect option for us! We couldn’t be happier with our Ray sectional. It is beautiful and our cat’s fur wipes right off. It is super comfortable, too. We hate the way we would sink into our old couch. The Ray sectional offers the perfect amount of support.

July 2, 2020
Kristen - Providence, RI
-- Comment #2643

I live on the third floor of an old apartment. The stairs are narrow and I could not get any couch up the stairs. I was researching and found home reserve and waited almost 6 months trying to figure out if it was worth it and looking at customer reviews and what I wanted. I finally decided to purchase the couch and the whole process could not have gone better. It was amazing to be able to design a couch that would fit my apartments needs. I was worried that the assembly would be too difficult but I had no trouble at all. The instructions were very detailed and everything worked. I was worried based on comments that it would be hard to get the fabric on but I had no trouble at all. The couch is very comfortable! The storage is a great plus! And I love the idea that the couch can grow if I move into a bigger apartment or that I can change and wash the covers. So far this has been the best couch purchase I have made!

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