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- Blaine (Cofounder)

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October 3, 2019
-- Comment #2596

Often the customer service role is relegated to a damage mitigation department. In which its true purpose is to provide the minimum amount of service for its brand and image to avoid reputational losses. The service Steph provided was refreshing as rather than putting in the minimum effort, it is clear she took her time to understand my request and needs and then to process them into a set of sensible options while also providing me recommendations. This degree of thoughtfulness is not possible in a minimum service provider environment commonly found in customer service departments today. It is clear the goal was not to protect Home Reserve from me, but to maximize my happiness and satisfaction with Home Reserve. It shows just how deep the quality culture of Home Reserve runs. As Steph worked to assist me, and I saw how attentive, timely, and thoroughly she tended to my requests, I became more comfortable with expanding my purchase. I was reassured in more than doubling my purchase as if I'm this satisfied with the customer service I can be sure I'll be perpetually satisfied with the product. Thank you for providing both a five star service and a five star product.

October 3, 2019
-- Comment #2595

Just like somebody mentioned, the product itself was great. Assembly was easy, and everything was fine. We were set on getting a full sectional but ultimately decided against it with the key factor being the depth of the seat. We are short, and it still didn't feel deep enough. If they ever come out with something deeper, we would reconsider, but for now, we will be returning on the 30-day trial.

September 19, 2019
John - Austin, Texas
-- Comment #2594

I ended up sending my armless chair back after the risk-free trial, but I wanted to submit a handful of comments nonetheless.

The only reason we opted not to keep the piece (and build our own sectional) was because the seat depth wasn't nearly deep enough. We ordered the piece with the deepest seat -- at 21 inches -- and even that wasn't sufficient. We had done our homework and measured the furniture we had at home, but it turned out that the 21-inch measurement didn't correspond to the depth of the actual seating area. No one in our family is particularly tall, but the seat was still not deep enough to be comfortable. (I would encourage Home Reserve to provide the measurement for the depth of the actual seating area. I would also encourage Home Reserve to design some deeper seating.)

One other slight negative: Once covered, the seat cushion was a bit too soft. It didn't have the support that most nice sofas and chairs seem to have, and I would have worried about how it would have held up long term.

Now, a number of positives: The assembly was not nearly the nightmare that some customer reviews make it out to be. It required some time and some patients, but really the only snag I had was getting the curved seatback cushion into its cover. And, I ran into that snag only because I initially put the cover on backwards. Otherwise, and again with patience, the assembly process was a breeze. I think it took me right at 45 minutes to assemble the armless piece -- as advertised -- but I feel confident I could have assembled additional armless pieces in far less time. There wasn't a single pre-drilled screw hole that didn't line up, and there wasn't anything else particularly challenging about the assembly.

Additionally, the return process could not have been easier. I figured out in less than 24 hours that it wasn't going to work out, and I had a response from customer support very quickly. (The chair arrived Friday; I assembled it Friday evening; I emailed support and explained it wasn't going to work Friday evening; I woke up to a message on Saturday morning with instructions about the return process; and I was sent a pre-paid UPS label on Saturday afternoon or maybe Sunday morning.

Boxing up the piece post-disassembly was a bit challenging, only because the cushions were hard to fit back into the box. However, I didn't end up needing a vacuum cleaner to "vacuum-pack" the cushions; I just sat on the box, pressing some of the air out of the cushions, and managed to tape it up. The box was a bit over-stuffed for the return trip, but the customer support representative assured me that would be fine. Also, I was happy to take the box to the local UPS store, but it was nice that Home Reserve was willing to schedule a UPS pickup.

One final comment: I had read some reviews about the smell of the furniture. The wood -- I think -- did have a noticeable smell. I wouldn't say it smelled bad, but I wouldn't have wanted to smell it indefinitely. I assume but do not know that the smell would have gone away after a while, as I attributed the smell to newly manufactured wood panels.

I'll certainly consider Home Reserve again if it ends up coming out with deeper seat cushions. The option to design and build my own sectional, to fit a fairly tight space, is extremely appealing to me. In the end, we just decided that the size wasn't going to be comfortable.

September 17, 2019
Seth Bowman - Federal Way, WA
-- Comment #2593

So, I'm a big girl, and my friends are pretty big, and it broke--not ideal, right? But wait, there's more!
A lot of the problems I had were somewhat connected with user error. We made one mistake and the whole thing shifted and weakened itself; whoops. Make sure you don't miss anything while assembling the couch, but what is ABSOLUTELY 10/5 stars? The customer service here.

First off, they've redesigned the couch in some way to make my issue less common; second, they are FAST on the response, sending out replacing pieces *snap* like that.

There's no asking if it's real. There's no checking on me to see if I'm lying. I feel like their intent is 100% customer satisfaction in a way that everyone else *claims* but nobody else *does*.

And even broken the thing is pretty fine, honestly. I'm still loving it more than my other couch. That's ironic. Most the times it doesn't really do anything; it's just sometimes if the weight is direct it'll give. I'll be fixing it up and it'll be good as new and I bloody love this company 100/100

September 9, 2019
Ruth Orloff - Elkhart, Texas
-- Comment #2592

Bought the sofa over five years ago, moved it from Maryland to Texas. Called to get a new cover and prest-o, change-o : ANew SOFA is born!!! Exactly perfect pulls and completes our music space! Love this company, fast shipping, great people EVERY time you call!!!
Renew not Refuse in our landfills!!! Throw cover on it due to dogs......

August 30, 2019
-- Comment #2591

Well, Steph, I have one more to go to be finished with this project!!! My hands are raw--blistered and red!! I didn't have an electric screwdriver, so I had to do it all by hand.....thus the blisters. But, I have DONE IT all by myself!!! I am absolutely amazed that I have done this by myself. Your tip of using the duct tape is SO GOOD that I think it should be part of the assembly kit. I am totally impressed with YOU and SANDY and the instructions and the quality of the material and the precision cutting of all the pieces. This company is very impressive. I am so happy with the ottomans (or is that ottomen!!! :-); they are perfect in my space, and the color of the fabric is perfect, as well. As far as I'm concerned, you are the best part of the company. You are the reason I pursued this and ended up buying the furniture. You are really, really good at what you do and totally accurate in your measurements and advice. So a big thank you for your work. I am very, very satisfied with my purchase.

I'll be back the future. Only next time I will have bought an electric screwdriver!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend.....I'm living with the possibility of having to evacuate because of Hurricane Dorian. UGH!!!


August 28, 2019
-- Comment #2590

Lounger Sectional

August 26, 2019
Carrie Domzal - Frankfort, IL
-- Comment #2589

I just purchased the armless Laney chair in hopes to find a sectional that can last more than 6 months. I foster dogs and when they come in, they usually have not been in a home and do not know house manners! I have spent thousands of dollars replacing sofas and cushions and covers. I saw Home Reserve online and thought, this would be fantastic, instead of putting a thousand dollar couch on the curb when a pup chews the fabric through to the frame I would just be able to replace pieces. I received my armless chair last night and LOVED the way it went together, it was super easy and my 5 yr old son was excited to help me put it together. I really love the way the fabric fits, I have to admit i was skeptical but it looks great. The chair is so comfortable too! I just now ordered the ottoman to attach and will be adding more and more pieces. Thank you Home Reserve for making fostering a little less expensive!!

August 21, 2019
The Arnolds - Chesapeake, VA
-- Comment #2588

We're a military family. With Mastiffs. So in between moves, Muffin and Sasha (180+ lbs each) - well life is rough on our furniture. So we needed something from someone we could depend on. We wanted to support our nations economy - so made in the U.S.A. was VERY important to us. With Home Reserve we found a quality product, great people, and a company with a heart for their employees.
Did I mention it can HANDLE THE PERIL! Oh yes, this furniture is AMAZING!
Have doubts? Read the comments - call their office! ORDER THE SWATCHES - That alone made me a believer! I have reupholstered a lot of furniture in my day, and I have NEVER seen fabric like the Retriever fabric! Velveteen Kevlar is what is!! Mastiff nails (they think they are cats - they play like lions) are wickedly destructive to almost anything. But the Retriever fabric takes it all in stride. Mud? Mess? No problem! It wipes off! Too big a mess? Take the cover off and wash it! WAAALAH!
Is it difficult to build? Nope! They are considerate of your hands, too. They send the coolest gloves to wear so you dont have to worry about splinters, or chapped skin... a pair in EACH part of furniture! (I saved them and use them all the time.) The directions are excellently written, clear and concise. Its like putting together a puzzle but one that you can now enjoy!
Dont like your configuration? well just move the pieces about and make another! Change it as often as you want!
Have a husband whos rather frugal (My love!) and not really big on spending money on anything at all? Well start small and add pieces after he becomes a believer! Dont worry - it wont take long!
Wondering what to ask for for Christmas? Or anniversary? Or St Pattis Day? Ask for another piece or two to add to the mix. Or better yet get new covers in an entirely new color or fabric (Here is where military wives SWOON - as we always are moving and having to change decorating schemes - either color or shape - to fit the new place we live in. Try that every 2 to 3 years for a twenty year career!) New place too small? Dismantle and downsize and put a chair and ottoman in the bedroom!
I know....yes I can go on and on and on.
So in the beginning - I got the swatches - then the Chair and a Half and the Monster Ottoman. As you can tell from the pictures my gurls think we got the furniture for THEM. Then tonight - well I ordered a sectional - the 65 by 87. Gonna start slowly and add as we need. I like the anticipation!

August 16, 2019
Jason LeMonier - Alameda, CA
-- Comment #2587

This couch has grown twice over the years and changed color once.

We have had 8-9 little kids playing and sleeping on it at once.
NYE we managed to get 24 people on it when the ball dropped.

One ottoman cracked because it wasn't in place and kids were dancing on it.

Email support > couple days later it arrived. I asked for wrong piece once and they just send me what I needed even when it was my mistake.

So awesome to have on ongoing ability to design / change / re-use / re-design rooms even between homes.

I really love doing front somersaults onto the couch!

Thank You!

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