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January 16, 2017
Donna & Greg Stickna - New Jersey
-- Comment #2324

We needed a basic couch for our finished basement, but could not get most couches down the stairs. My husband was so excited when he heard this couch would come disassembled & we could put it together ourselves!
The 2 boxes arrived last night, and we began assembling this morning. The directions were very clear, and the pieces well marked. Within 3 hours, we had finished!
1 negative: the bag with 32 screws was missing, but luckily they are standard size so my husband had a box in his workshop. I called to let the company know, & Sandy was very pleasant.
We will recommend HomeReserve to all!

Img 3570
Img 3570
January 13, 2017
Riggan - IL
-- Comment #2323

We have a fairly small living room with an odd shape and limited usable wall space. Half of the room is taken up with a grand piano, so we needed something small and flexible for a sitting area, with the fireplace as the central focus. There is also a large picture window with a view which we wanted to take advantage of, with a "window seat" type of arrangement where someone could laze while reading a book or just enjoy the view. We hadn't found anything that really seemed to fit until we found Home Reserve. We have been thrilled with their product, the price and their support! The furniture was very easy to put together - my husband and I had fun doing it - and the quality is far better than what we expected. The fabric has a rich shine to it and it seems to be quite durable (after all, it withstood my tugging and stretching as I put it on the pillows!). The instructions and videos were well written and easy to follow. The flexibility of the furniture is outstanding. We originally thought we wanted a sofa and loveseat, but once we got it put together, we realized that a sofa and two chairs would be a better option. No problem! We were sent 2 additional armrests and the appropriate cushions and returned 2 cushions to Home Reserve. We had one miscommunication on pricing, and Home Reserve quickly made it right. The sustainable practices used by Home Reserve were definitely a plus in our eyes. Since we do not plan to stay in our current home long term, it was nice to know that the furniture could easily be modified to whatever will be suitable wherever we end up. And finally, the price is excellent! We ended up with a sofa and two chairs for the price (or less) of a single piece in most furniture stores. We understand that this is not fine heirloom furniture, but that is not what we were looking for. It meets our needs precisely, plus more: attractive, durable furniture at a low cost with plenty of flexibility for whatever life changes may come our way. Great job, Home Reserve! (And Sandy has always been a pleasure to work with!)

January 6, 2017
Edward Psota - Surprise, AZ
-- Comment #2322

Four years ago, my wife and I moved into our first apartment after our wedding. It was 500 sq ft and somehow I stumbled on home reserve. I measured our room and purchased a Griffin sectional sofa, which perfectly fit our small apartment. We have just moved into our first home and the sofa is still in brand new condition. We occasionally wash the black faux leather material. I am here placing another order to increase the size of the sectional, by adding new pieces. I was able to customize the sectional I bought five years ago to fit my new space. Quite simply my Griffin sofa is the best piece of furniture, I have ever owned!

January 5, 2017
Vivian - San francisco
-- Comment #2321

It's been a little over a year since I bought this sectional in teenager loves to curl up here to watch tv and in the morning, also her spot to apply her makeup which really annoys me! But the makeup stains she sometimes leaves behinds wipes off with a paper towel water and dishwashing soap I'm so glad I chose the pet-safe fabric... coffee, wine, juice spills and after a year, still gorgeous!

Img 0108
Img 0108
December 27, 2016
Kristen - Richardson, TX
-- Comment #2320

I saw some other places online where people weren't sure these comments on the home reserve website were real customers- so if you are reading this: I am a real customer who had my doubts too! I heard two main fears when researching on forums: comfort and the look. I can say now both have exceeded my expectations! Our boxes arrived on the 21st- which was quicker than the customer service estimate. My husband began assembly before I even arrived home from work and with me only helping to stuff cushions in the last 30 minutes, it took us only a total of 2 hours for all 4 sectional pieces (which we were using to make into an extra long couch with the flexibility for changing into a sectional later.) He remarked that after constructing the first sectional chair the rest were very straight forward if not downright easy. The most difficult part is stretching the fabric over the frame since its constructed to be taut so the couch has a tailored look. I ordered swatches of the fabrics before purchasing and sprung for the more expensive "maltese" fabric which is a petcare collection. We love it. Today we hosted a Christmas party and multiple people commented on how they loved the look and feel of the fabric (so soft!). We chose the tux style and I definitely do not regret it. Despite the clean lines of the couch (which I love but my husband always turns down because they tend to be too hard on most couches), the arms are super padded while still being sturdy enough to hold a drink or keep their shape if you put weight on them. It's not the extra wide arm like the ray but it's more than enough for a cup of coffee which makes it convenient for our guests. I was worried because the distance between the back cushion and the edge of the seat seemed shorter than the average couch in a furniture store so I thought it might not be comfortable for those with longer legs than me (I am only 5'2") but every single guest of varying heights and weights was comfortable. I have already found use for all the storage underneath and even had my dog jump on it with muddy paws and had no trouble wiping it right off with nothing more than water and a cloth. A total life saver when preparing to have company over! Overall we have zero regrets- except for not buying sooner! The renewability and flexibility features gave me (a CPA) such a sense of peace for whatever the future might hold. Pretty sure you've made a life time customer out of me!

1482560490867 2048800174
1482560490867 2048800174
December 22, 2016
kristy - ft wayne, indiana
-- Comment #2319

I have been wanting to get this furniture for a while and finally we were ready to replace our old furniture. v
we are very very happy!! the customer service was great!! scott personally came to our home to deliver a piece that was missing in our package. feeling bad that it was missing. we could have waited for it to come in the mail, but he wanted us to have it ASAP. we LOVE these things about our furniture...easy to assemble ,storage , storage ,storage!!! great price. ability to change,style and fabric at will (WHAT?????) MADE IN USA, great customer service and it looks fantastic!!!

December 22, 2016
-- Comment #2318

We have had our furniture for about a week and we love it. easy to assemble , nice fabric.
I would highly recommend the corner ottoman!!!!! we love that is made in the USA, has storage ,a 10 year warranty on the frame, and the fact that we can change the style of the back and the arms and even the fabric is fantastic!!! we live in the area of the manufacturing shop and we were missing a piece to our order. the designer, Scott, personally brought it our house!!!! very good customer service!! we love all of these things I haven't' mentioned that we save about $400-500 dollars on our set. if you are thinking about it.......go for it!!!

December 21, 2016
keith farnham - east sandwich, massachusetts
-- Comment #2317

I have an office on the top floor of my house the only way to access it is by a spiral staircase or a drop down stairway. This makes it very challenging to get furnishings up there. We were looking for furniture that looked nice and was easy to move in tight spaces. We hit a home run with your product all my wife and I could say while we were assembling it was, "This furniture is AMAZING !!!" It was easy to get up the spiral stairs and assemble we absolutely love our choice of matador leather ! The best part is it's made in the USA!!! You guys have a great product, so glad we found you.

December 21, 2016
Valerie - Concord, North Carolina
-- Comment #2316

I had been searching for a sofa for a small space and happened upon Home Reserves website and I'm glad I did. I was skeptical about purchasing a sofa on line but decided to give it a try especially since pet care fabrics were offered. I am the owner of 9 dogs and foster 3 more for my local Humane Society. The pups use the sofa more often than I do and knowing that the parts could be replaced if the dogs damaged them in any way was a big part in my decision to give Home Reserve a try. I ordered 3 pieces and all arrived on time. I spent 2 days building the furniture not because it was hard to do but because with my schedule that's what time I had to spare. I assembled it by myself with a screw driver and a rubber mallet. It was like putting a wooden puzzle together with instructions which were written clearly and easy to follow. The furniture is very comfortable and I love the color. I chose Retriever Sea 1 of the 2 colors that I ordered samples of. I was so impressed and happy with my purchase and the ease of assembly that I ordered an ottoman and am waiting patiently for it to arrive.

December 19, 2016
Chad - Pennsylvania
-- Comment #2315

My wife and I moved into our first house and wanted a sectional so that we could both have room to spread out and entertain guests. The complicating factor was our two dogs, who have a tendency to get a mess on the couch. We looked around quite a bit for washable/stain proof fabric in a sectional and decided on Home Reserve. The sectional looks good, is comfortable, and has stood up to MANY stains from the dogs. We just take off the affected cushion covers and throw them in the wash and so far, they've been as good as new. Also, customer service has been great. A clumsy guest ended up breaking a few of the wooden framework pieces, and a few emails later we had substitute pieces for free. A few minutes of work later and we have a fully restored couch.

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