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November 22, 2017
-- Comment #2423

We received our final cover and per your request, here is a photo of the sofa. Thanks!

Pams sectional
Pams sectional
November 21, 2017
Mike and Tiffany Jones
-- Comment #2422

We furnished our basement TV room with furniture from Home Reserve four years ago. We have three dogs who spend their days there sleeping on the furniture and we humans also use it more than any other furniture in the house. First, the washable fabric is a lifesaver. Also, the cushions have held up exceptionally well and the storage space is a huge plus. Last year, our boiler went out during the holidays when the temperature was in the teens and the basement was the easiest place in the house to keep warm. We slept on our Home Reserve sectional for several nights waiting to get our boiler fixed! It was really comfortable. We are now considering relocating and it's great to know that we can rework and/or recover this furniture to fit any space. Thanks for making our lives easier and more comfy! Mike, Tiffany, Josie, Zippy and Abby

Img 0013
Img 0013
November 21, 2017
Marcie - Somerville, New Jersey
-- Comment #2421

We have a Victorian home from 1880 and the parlor was challenging to find comfortable furniture for. It has a 3 foot by over 7 foot box window that was wasted space. I ordered a left and a right arm piece a corner piece and three armless as well as two square Ottomans. It fits perfectly. The window area is now our sofa and the sectional turned the corner and runs along another wall in the parlor. It took me a little less time to put together than I anticipated based on the other reviews. I did order the fabric iswatches in advance and was glad I did. I would have chosen a different fabric and color without the samples. I also asked my husband and my son how they felt about it, and they feel it’s very comfortable. With the arm piece or the corner piece and the Ottoman it feels like a chaise lounger. Yesterday my husband fell asleep on the sofa just as usual. I’m very happy with our furniture.

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Ab576d39 5d88 47bd 9ab3 d6d069b9a22c
November 16, 2017
Ankur - New York, NY
-- Comment #2420

Cannot say how happy I am with Home Reserve. I could go on and on but here are the highlights:

1. Color matches perfectly. We needed a blue-grey color and the fabric swatches they gave us helped us pick a the exact color.

2. Delivery was lightening fast. I was expecting 15 business days, the order shipped after 1 business day.

3. They thought of everything! They included gloves in the boxes to protect against splinters and had these low friction sheets to wrap the foam in to ensure that the covers went on smoothly.

4. Delivery was smooth. Instead of having to wait for a sofa delivery and take off work, these boxes came like normal Amazon boxes. My roommates and I just carried them up on our way home from work.

5. Easy customization. The sofas on the market were either slightly too big or too small for us and Home Reserve allowed us to pick the perfect size.

6. Comfort. Definitely a firmer sofa, but my roommates and I actually like that better. Still something you can “plop” on after work.

7. Price. The cheapest option we found for this size, though I don’t think we sacrificed anything other than assembly time to get this price.

Only drawback is that assembly took some time out of our evenings. But the directions were easy to understand and it was actually pretty fun. Highly recommended, especially for fellow NYC apartment dwellers!

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F615cb35 3cb2 4be1 bd41 9f56f13514df
November 16, 2017
Susan John - Ypsilanti, Michigan
-- Comment #2419

I discovered the Home Reserve website many years ago and have been "stalking" it on a regular basis. While I wasn't in a position then to order, I wanted to keep checking to see how the fabric and styles changed. I have a small house, and cats, so it was important to be able to choose an appropriate size and fabric. Finally, I was ready to purchase, and spend some time determining the configuration that would meet my needs. I decided on a sectional: a left arm in the Ali design (great arm for cats to perch), and two armless pieces. My order arrived at least a week ahead of schedule, and had to wait for assembly, as I planned to repaint the living room first. The Maltese Ocean is as gorgeous as depicted on the site, and when I added new multi-colored curtains and the new complimentary paint color, my living room changed from drab to glowing! As I'm 67, assembly was a bit daunting, particularly since I didn't have a power drill. However, the instructions were exceptional, which helped immensely. I did the assembly in two parts - the total time frame was just short of 8 hours complete. The end result is amazing, extremely comfortable, and my 3 cats also enjoy sharing it with me. In the event that I can move to a house with a larger living space, I'm happy knowing that I have the option to add to my sectional. It is also important to me that Home Reserve products are made in the U.S., so my purchase is a winner on all levels! I look forward to many years of comfort on my beautiful new sectional. I'm so grateful for Home Reserve and their quality products!

November 14, 2017
Pete Schiller - Cape Elizabeth, ME
-- Comment #2418

I've had my furniture for about six months now. An armless TB loveseat, armless TB couch and modular ottoman. The fabric is Retriever in Chocolate - I love the fabric. The foam cushions which felt overly firm initially, are broken in enough that they are very comfortable and yet still quite supportive if sleeping on the couch. I have limited space at my new house, so I went with the armless models - 90% of the time, I'm quite happy with that choice.

The negatives:
1) The OSB (oriented stand board) that is used for the structure of the furniture pieces outgassed for some time. It just smells like OSB. All OSB does it, I imagine. It took a few weeks before I didn't notice the smell anymore.
2) The furniture does not have soft edges everywhere you would normally expect on a piece of cushioned furniture. It seems fairly obvious once you put it together, but it takes a little getting used to. When wearing sandals, you do not want to accidentally kick your toes under the edges of the furniture. Ouch. I don't do it anymore though.
3) It would have been nice if the edges of the OSB that form the exterior edges had been passed by say a 1/16" round-over bit, instead of just supplying a sanding sponge, but I realize that would add to the cost.

I guess that's it. My list of negatives was a bigger deal to me initially, but now I'm quite happy with my choices. I would have been hard-pressed to find such comfortable and compact furniture anywhere else. Again, I love the Retriever fabric and the quality of the foam cushions.

Customer service is 5/5. Furniture quality is 4+/5. If the OSB outgassing wasn't so noticeable and the OSB edges were slightly rounded, furniture quality would be 4.5/5

November 10, 2017
Terri - Virginia
-- Comment #2417

We have 5 kids and a lab puppy. It became frustrating trying to find pet and kid friendly fabric (like Sunbrella) that doesn't cost a ton. We converted a dining room into the family room and the size was also an issue. Thank goodness I stumbled across Home Reserve!! We've had our sectional for about a week and we are unbelievably happy! We went with the pet care fabric and have had muddy paws, A-1 sauce and drink spills wipe right up :-). Putting it together was actually fun and gave us a sense of satisfaction as well. An added bonus is the comfort and quality. We are looking forward to many years of use and THANK YOU!

November 8, 2017
-- Comment #2416

I just want to say I have ordered my Ray sectional. Waiting on arrival. You (Home Reserve) made it very easy. Answered all my questions quickly and completely. The armless you sent sold me. I love your leather. Thank you.

November 6, 2017
Sandra Tocyloski - Johnson City, New York
-- Comment #2415

I wanted a sectional that, of course was pet friendly, and fit in my tiny house. I have a 160 lb English Mastiff, 140 lb Bullmastiff, Cat and a Parrot.
Most sectionals are huge. I wanted it to be "L" shaped and about 110 inches on one side but only 65 inches on the other side with an arm on each end. I went to Olums (furniture store in Binghamton, NY). The guy told me good luck. He said I wouldn't find it. I went to Raymore & Flannigan and they said I could special order it but it would be close to $3,500. So I went on line searching "build a modular sectional". I found Home Reserve. They had exactly what I was looking for. I could design exactly what I wanted. I was skeptical about ordering such a big purchase without actually seeing it and touching it first but I did it. I ordered it on October 21st and got it on Nov 1st.
It cost $1,274 including shipping. We had to assemble it but it was worth it. My husband did the frames and I did the covers and cushions. Each seat has storage under the cushion. The covers are all machine washable. If you get tired of the color or fabric, you can order new covers. If one section breaks, you can get a new one. If the cushions get worn, you can order new ones. I got their best fabric because it was pet friendly and water resistant. Its perfect. We are so pleased.

Img 20171103 185136
Img 20171103 185136
November 6, 2017
Nikki Perini - PA
-- Comment #2414

Our couch, chair and a half, and ottoman arrived yesterday. It took no time at all for my husband and I to assemble. The directions were very easy to follow! The color is perfect and it’s incredibly comfortable! All of the entrances to our house have twists and turns so it’s difficult to get big furniture in and out. This was the perfect solution for us and we’re so happy with our purchase! Thank you!

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D96e6b59 ab0c 4290 a218 7bddd5b15b60
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