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- Blaine (Cofounder)

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December 5, 2018
Gibson Morales - Gloversville, New York
-- Comment #2539

To Be Honest This Sectional I'm Creating Myself Is Amazing, The Fact That I Can Build My Own Style Is A Plus By Itself, It's Coming Out Exactly As I Imagined So Beautiful Indeed, I Want To Take This Opportunity To Thank The Home Reserve People For Such Amazing Product, I'd Be Please For Years To Come. Thank You Home Reserve...

December 5, 2018
-- Comment #2538

Thank you for the timely shipment of the new fabric! We are very happy with the look and durable feel.

December 4, 2018
-- Comment #2537

We love your company! We bought an 11 piece sectional and loved it (attached a picture). We could push it all together and form a giant bed that was absolutely crazy comfortable to sleep on, so was great when we had extra guests. We sold our house and the home owners wanted us to leave the couch behind. We are building a new house and want to purchase the exact same sectional but in a different color

November 26, 2018
Liz Schroeder - Racine, WI
-- Comment #2536

My husband and I spent months looking at sectionals on the Home Reserve website. We were nervous about the quality and the assembly since we would not be able to give it a “sit test” before buying. After ordering some fabric samples, we settled on a PetCare fabric and ordered the sectional we wanted. The boxes arrived and we started assembling. The instructions were very easy to follow and I was able to assemble a few pieces on my own before my husband got home. The most difficult part was putting the covers on, as they are quite snug. While assembling, a piece broke. I emailed the company at about 7:30pm and had a response in less than an hour, stating a replacement would be sent via two day shipping with no need to return the broken piece. It arrived as promised, and the customer service even emailed to make sure it arrived and we were satisfied. A year later and it has lasted through our kids and dog. The PetCare fabric is amazing! I found a grape juice spill that had been unnoticed for about two weeks, and while the beaded up liquid had dried and was sticky, it wiped off with little scrubbing and left no trace of a stain. We will never buy furniture anywhere else from now on!

November 21, 2018
Karen Weimer
-- Comment #2535

If you have pets or kids, have allergies or just need versatile, durable furniture with storage - look no further!!! This isn’t your big comfy couch but it is something that will stand up to most everything. I have always wanted furniture that would be easy to clean. I chose a pet care fabric option from the retriever line. It is so soft, it makes me want to stroke it. Yet it cleans up easily and the best part is that it can go in the washing machine. Between that and the fact that there isn’t a nook or cranny that isn’t accessible, this isn’t furniture that will have any scary areas after years of use. I have a dog and my DIL has allergies but I can clean this furniture completely before she visits to minimize her reaction.

My current dog is young, large and has chewed on a couple of spots. There isn’t much damage to begin with but I love knowing I can replace parts and covers when he has outgrown that phase. He has started a habit of scratching the spot he wants to lie down on and while I am hoping to unlearn this habit, the fabric has withstood so far.

Every piece comes apart so it makes moving a couch or sectional so much easier and gives the option of changing it up, too. I also love having a sectional that is bolted together so the pieces don’t slide apart. And the fact that each piece has storage inside appeals to the minimalist in me. I can even hide my husbands clutter! ;)

Can you tell I am happy with my purchase? If you are dealing with any of the things I mentioned, I think you will, too!

November 14, 2018
-- Comment #2534

I am glad I found your website five years ago - you have provided me with an attractive seating arrangement and I am happy to support Indiana industry. Your casual friendly yet respectful attitude makes calling you easy.
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

November 14, 2018
M. Dyer - Austin, TX
-- Comment #2533

I have three rambunctious little boys in my home, so durability is a must. We purchased a sofa and chair from Home Reserve after seeing the sofa at my aunt's house. Let me tell you, these boys have done everything a kid could do to destroy a sofa! They have been sick on it, spilled food, sat on chocolate until it melted into the couch, wiped greasy hands on the cushions, and jumped up and down on it until one of the sections broke (replaced free of charge within 2 days). The biggest one was the youngest boy took an ink pen to our lime green chair last fall and "colored" it all over! We didn't think the ink would come out, and were already thinking about what fabric to purchase to recover it. But after washing, the ink stains were gone like they never happened! I am a loyal customer for life.

November 13, 2018
Lisa Goudey - Massachusetts
-- Comment #2532

We have three dogs and a tiny home in the middle of the woods and were looking for a small couch that was durable. I did so much research and looked at all the reviews for Home Reserve and finally decided that this was the couch for us to try. I toyed back and forth with paying the extra money for the pet care fabric and finally decided to go for it. We ordered the Tux sectional in retriever altlantic. When we got the boxes, setup went pretty quickly and the couch was a perfect fit! I also love the idea of adding more to my sectional when our addition gets put on. We have had this couch for 3 months and I’m in love! It’s so comfortable, the storage space is so helpful, and most of all, the pet care fabric is the most amazing invention. I never write reviews, but this morning, as my 3 dogs came in absolutely muddy from the rain and jumped right onto the couch, I didn’t flinch. I knew that the mud would just brush off, and that kind of comfort and ease made me think that I should share with others. The last thing is that this fabric doesn’t hold dog hair. Three dogs shed more than you want to know and our old couch would have to be vacuumed at least twice a week, I only just vacuumed this couch this weekend after 3 months of having it, and it wasn’t even really that necessary. Thank you Home Reserve for this tremendous couch!

November 1, 2018
Paula McKinney - Corpus Christi, TX
-- Comment #2531

The best feature of Home Reserve furniture is its versatility. We needed a sectional sofa that would fit around an antique butcher block table that had its legs cut down to create a coffee table. It had been a nightmare to get that 500-pound table up the stairs to our main living area in our townhome, so we knew that when we bought a sofa, it had to be easy to get upstairs and versatile enough to fit around the table.
I highly recommend ordering some fabric swatches when you start. It is well worth the cost to find the right texture and color of fabric before you begin designing your sofa. We ended up selecting Retriever Atlantic because it is washable (we have 2 older cats) and the color went well with our existing living room furniture. Then I recommend that you order an armless chair in the desired style so you can try out assembly and comfort. We originally ordered the Ray style in an armless, only to discover that the very low back cushion of the Ray style would not be adequate support for my 6’3” husband. We could have returned the back cushion and fabric to Home Reserve for credit (their representative was more than willing to do this for us), but opted to keep it because it fit well on our daybed. Instead, we ended up ordering the sectional in Brook, which has the tallest back cushion of all the styles. Once we got the sectional assembled, we felt it was just not quite long enough to allow centering of the coffee table in the space, so we ordered one more armless chair for the sectional to add some length.
Since purchasing the sectional sofa, we have decided to change up our living room furniture a bit, adding a recliner, so we took out two of the armless chairs from the sectional sofa. We purchased the end panels from Home Reserve to make them both into stand-alone armless chairs. We’re using one in a bedroom and one as an extra guest chair in the living room. I like the fact that we can continue to modify this furniture as needed.
Finally, I did want to comment about comfort: We tried out a lot of sofas before opting for Home Reserve, and I have to say, it is by far the best of any we considered. The cushion material is very firm and the cushion covers fit snugly, so it is a great place to read, watch TV, or just take a nap. With my cats, I have to vacuum the furniture about every other day and then wipe it down with a wet cloth (alas, older cats tend to drool). The fabric cleans well and looks great afterward. Also, since we live in a townhome with limited cupboard space, the storage under each seat is a wonderful bonus.

October 18, 2018
M. King - Syracuse area, NY
-- Comment #2530

About 2 years ago, my friend in Baltimore MD mentioned in a FB post she had a sectional from home reserve and her cats could not destroy it. I don't have cats myself, but she described how she bought it on line, and all the wonderful storage it had. I was intrigued. My current living room set was a mess and about 12 years old, yet, I was unsure. So, doing my homework, I read every single review I could find on this product. I watched every youtube anyone put out about this product and company. It sounded good. Too good, I was still unconvinced. I wanted to see one, in person. Time goes by. I keep reading reviews, I keep watching youtubers. I can feel the desire growing stronger. If I could only see it, but driving to Baltimore was out of the question. Then, I happened to go back to my hometown for a visit and at another friend's house, when I commented on how soft her sofa was, she mentioned her sofa was from home reserve. I finally got to see it up close and inspect it's elements. I was thrilled and she must have thought I was nuts because how I raved about her 10 year old sofa, which looked brand new. It really did. She tried to tell me about it, but I jumped the gun and told her all the features about this product I loved (you all know them if you read the other reviews--they are all perfectly true).

So after that visit I finally sent for swatches even though I knew I wanted the Retriever Evergreen, the color seemed yucky in the screen version and I did want to be sure it was a match. It was. Oddly, her sofa was also a retriever but the blue instead. I knew I loved the feel of the fabric.

I ordered only the loveseat and after putting it together which was fun and easy to do with an electric drill fitted with philipshead bit, and a hammer, got the whole thing together really fast, about an hour after opening the boxes. Putting the fabric on the cushions and frame took another hour and a half. I credit the speed of my work due to all my research. After a couple days of trying it out -- I ordered the couch and standard foot stool. It's only been a few weeks now, but I love it.

It's a conscious decision for an eco-friendly product, renewable in sections, style-friendly, whim-friendly, pet-friendly, friend-friendly, space-friendly. I didn't have to think about it's carbon footprint because it was made in this country and didn't have to cross any ocean. It supports so many American workers (from making it to delivering it). It's really a smart engineered design with overlapping structure where it needs it, yet light enough for this 64 y/o woman to build and move into place, alone.

The quality of the under structure is excellent, strong and light. Simple directions, easy to read with photos and drawings make it a breeze. It fits us fine for depth (spouse and I are 5'7" or shorter and 180 lbs or lighter) The seating is firm (although this softens over time, it never becomes squishy as my friend's was a bit softer but not squishy) so it's easy to rise from if you have knee issues.

There were 2 problems (easily and quickly resolved with customer service). One cushion cover had frayed stitching coming out at the zipper (received new cover about 40 hours after calling) another, the notorious #9 piece which is the foundation of the reinforced structure of the sofa, came broken (the box it was delivered in was a little beat up from it's trip). I called at 3pm est, and it arrived to my house by 9:45am, the following day! I can't say enough about their service.

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