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Attic Makeover Q&A: How to Transform an Attic into a Game and Media Room

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Did you know nine out of 10 people plan to renovate their home someday? Refreshing a space in your home can be a bonding family activity. Plus, making a room feel new again can make staying in novel and fun! Often we see kitchens and bathrooms, but if you’ve got a bonus room you’d like to spruce up, then this attic makeover is for you.

Home Reserve reached out to the Fought family recently after they transformed their unfinished attic into 1,500 square feet of gaming and media fun. Complete with ping pong, foosball, a TV area, and basketball hoop, this fresh space is the perfect hub for quality time together. 

Learn about the ups and downs (literally!) of renovating an attic and see the incredible results below.

Fought Family Q&A: How an Attic Became the Rustic Game Room of Their Dreams

Home Reserve: This is the coolest space ever! Tell us what it was like before, and your concept to transform it.

Chris Fought: Thanks! We think it turned out pretty great too! When we first bought the house 10 years ago, I was immediately drawn to the attic and could see its potential despite its dark, dirty, unfinished state. The ceiling is 15' from floor to peak and there was so much untapped space to work with (about 1500 sq ft). We wanted to keep the original feel of the attic with its exposed rafters, pine shiplap, and heart pine floors, so we did minimal finishing in that regard. So we were tasked with cleaning it up, brightening the space up, and making it feel more inviting and livable through the furnishings and decor. 

HR: This can’t have been a cakewalk. What challenges did you face getting all this awesome stuff up to your attic and making a functional space out of a former storage area?

CF: Even though the space itself is pretty large, the access to it is just a narrow winding staircase. The most difficult task was definitely getting the full size pool table up 3 flights of stairs. The table was a 3pc slate, but each piece was pretty large and awkward and weighed roughly 275 lbs. crated up, so it took 3 guys to get it up there! We also pursued alternative options that would make the job easier, such as carpet tiles instead of conventional roll carpet, and of course, a modular sectional from Home Reserve!


HR: What type of seating did you envision for the space and what challenges did you face achieving that vision?

CF: Knowing this space would be used for entertaining guests, we wanted a large sectional, but we knew a fully assembled couch would never make it up the narrow stairs. We actually tried relocating our sectional from the first floor living room and got it stuck at one point! The Home Reserve flat pack boxes were absolutely perfect for this application. My wife and I were able to carry each box upstairs with the convenient carrying handles and manageable weight. After getting the boxes upstairs, it was simply a matter of unboxing and putting it all together! We love that we can add or subtract units or rearrange them as we see fit!

HR: How did you choose your layout, and how is it working in your open, interactive area?

CF: We chose the layout based on examples I had seen on the website, but also just based on the shape of the room. We wanted it to follow the wall and also allow for easy conversation between guests. We went with an 8 seat L-shaped configuration with two ottomans for now, but we do plan on adding another corner unit to make it a U-shaped sectional in the future. We love the storage compartments under each unit- perfect for blankets and pillows, board games, etc.

HR: This looks like the perfect place to hangout! What is your favorite memory so far in the new space?

CF: Shortly after finishing the space, we christened it with our annual 'Fought Cousin get together.' Loved unveiling it all to my family and we had a great evening playing games and catching up with each other. I'm really looking forward to the memories that are yet to be made with our three boys as they grow up and have their friends over, etc. They've enjoyed helping throughout the process and I'm sure they will appreciate this space even more as they grow up. It's my understanding that this attic was used for entertaining guests since the time it was built in 1895- we're just excited to be able to carry on that tradition.

HR: Anything else we should know and share about transforming an attic space?

CF: Being an unconditioned attic space, there are going to be challenges with heating, cooling, and insulation. With our northern Indiana climate, there are going to be times when the attic is simply not habitable, especially during the hot summer months. Eventually, we will need to insulate if we intend to enjoy the space year round. Sadly, we will probably end up losing the exposed rafters in favor of closed cell spray foam insulation, however we intend to preserve the look by covering it in pine shiplap similar to the existing wall surfaces.

Thanks so much, Fought family, for helping us share this incredible transormation. We hope you and your friends enjoy the space for many years to come!

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Which room do you plan to remodel in your home next? Share with us in the comments below!


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