Jovie Sectional

In Oscar Sterling

Jovie Sectional

In Oscar Sterling

Oscar Sterling
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This durable 100% polyester fabric is smooth to the touch and textured to the eye. It’s offered in a variety of modern tones that instantly bring a room up-to-date. On top of that, it’s machine washable! Oscar Sterling is a beautiful light medium gray with the appeal of a soft heathered sweatshirt. Machine washable: cold/gentle cycle, spin dry, put the fabrics on while still damp.

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Your Selections in Oscar Sterling

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  • The relaxed look of the cushions, and wide arm make Jovie an elegantly casual yet modern choice.
  • This durable 100% polyester fabric is smooth to the touch and textured to the eye.
  • This sectional is insured with renewable parts and designed to adapt through changeable features.
  • Arriving at your door soon in moveable, manageable boxes.

Customer Reviews

August 21, 2019
The Arnolds - Chesapeake, VA
-- Comment #2588

We're a military family. With Mastiffs. So in between moves, Muffin and Sasha (180+ lbs each) - well life is rough on our furniture. So we needed something from someone we could depend on. We wanted to support our nations economy - so made in the U.S.A. was VERY important to us. With Home Reserve we found a quality product, great people, and a company with a heart for their employees.
Did I mention it can HANDLE THE PERIL! Oh yes, this furniture is AMAZING!
Have doubts? Read the comments - call their office! ORDER THE SWATCHES - That alone made me a believer! I have reupholstered a lot of furniture in my day, and I have NEVER seen fabric like the Retriever fabric! Velveteen Kevlar is what is!! Mastiff nails (they think they are cats - they play like lions) are wickedly destructive to almost anything. But the Retriever fabric takes it all in stride. Mud? Mess? No problem! It wipes off! Too big a mess? Take the cover off and wash it! WAAALAH!
Is it difficult to build? Nope! They are considerate of your hands, too. They send the coolest gloves to wear so you dont have to worry about splinters, or chapped skin... a pair in EACH part of furniture! (I saved them and use them all the time.) The directions are excellently written, clear and concise. Its like putting together a puzzle but one that you can now enjoy!
Dont like your configuration? well just move the pieces about and make another! Change it as often as you want!
Have a husband whos rather frugal (My love!) and not really big on spending money on anything at all? Well start small and add pieces after he becomes a believer! Dont worry - it wont take long!
Wondering what to ask for for Christmas? Or anniversary? Or St Pattis Day? Ask for another piece or two to add to the mix. Or better yet get new covers in an entirely new color or fabric (Here is where military wives SWOON - as we always are moving and having to change decorating schemes - either color or shape - to fit the new place we live in. Try that every 2 to 3 years for a twenty year career!) New place too small? Dismantle and downsize and put a chair and ottoman in the bedroom!
I know....yes I can go on and on and on.
So in the beginning - I got the swatches - then the Chair and a Half and the Monster Ottoman. As you can tell from the pictures my gurls think we got the furniture for THEM. Then tonight - well I ordered a sectional - the 65 by 87. Gonna start slowly and add as we need. I like the anticipation!

August 16, 2019
Jason Emes - Hollidaysburg, PA
-- Comment #2568

Moved into a gorgeous historic home in Pennsylvania with beautiful finished attic. When moving day came, we had the "oh crap" moment when we realized none of our furniture was going to fit up the narrow oddly shaped stairway. In came Home Reserve to the rescue! At first, I thought it was expensive for what we were getting. But after assembly and how beautiful it looks, I would actually buy from here again even if it was a normal living room in a ranch home. I feel so good knowing we can reconfigure at any time or add/remove pieces. Or get replacement fabric or pieces if anything got damaged or ruined. Its actually incredible peace of mind. I am an engineer by trade - and I was very impressed with the design and assembly methodology. Kudos to the design team. After we got the hang of it, we were blowing through assembly like we were pros. Very intuitive assembly. Very smart design and modular connectivity.

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