Laney Sectional

In Cantina Peanut

Laney Sectional

In Cantina Peanut

Cantina Peanut
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This is a show stopper. The elegance, character and supple, smooth texture of this new bonded leather is so close to the real thing that it just might cause a problem for you! Your friends are going to ask, "Is this real leather?" Then, what are you going to say? (We'll just leave the answer up to you and your good judgment!). Clean with soap and water. Not machine washable. 47% polyurethane, 23% leather, 21% polyester, 9% cotton.

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Good choices!

  • Laney has a simple elegance and is a classic design that will always be up-to-date. Use this style in any setting and you express good taste.
  • This is a show stopper.
  • This sectional is insured with renewable parts and designed to adapt through changeable features.
  • Arriving at your door soon in moveable, manageable boxes.

Customer Reviews

August 16, 2019
Jason Emes - Hollidaysburg, PA
-- Comment #2568

Moved into a gorgeous historic home in Pennsylvania with beautiful finished attic. When moving day came, we had the "oh crap" moment when we realized none of our furniture was going to fit up the narrow oddly shaped stairway. In came Home Reserve to the rescue! At first, I thought it was expensive for what we were getting. But after assembly and how beautiful it looks, I would actually buy from here again even if it was a normal living room in a ranch home. I feel so good knowing we can reconfigure at any time or add/remove pieces. Or get replacement fabric or pieces if anything got damaged or ruined. Its actually incredible peace of mind. I am an engineer by trade - and I was very impressed with the design and assembly methodology. Kudos to the design team. After we got the hang of it, we were blowing through assembly like we were pros. Very intuitive assembly. Very smart design and modular connectivity.

August 16, 2019
Rita Tripodi - Toms River, NJ
-- Comment #2569

Love my Home Reserve sectional. Two years ago I purchased a Tux sectional in the pet care fabric. I’ve loved it from the beginning. I recently wanted it to be a little bigger so I ordered an armless chair to put in between the corner piece and the arm piece. I was concerned that since my sectional is two years old that the new piece might not match. I placed my order easily online. My armless chair arrived quickly. The order was perfect. I put it together quickly with their user friendly instructions, and all pieces fit perfectly and blend perfectly. This two year old sectional wears beautifully and still looks brand new, as evidenced with the new ad-on section. I regularly sleep on it overnight. I’m in animal rescue so there are two to three foster dogs also regularly sleeping on this sectional. I continue to be very pleased with this furniture. Thank you HR!

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